The PHP DemoScene
homepage version: 0.1 Alpha 2
last updated: 2009-05-05

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  meta-refresh is your friend.

  what it is
    A phpdemo is a demo that uses a webservers CPU, consists of phpfiles only
    and presents itself in html.

  how it began
    It was first meant as a joke and then it got out of hand...

  suggestion for comporules
    Before execution there can only be phpfiles
    Demo is only allowed to send HTML and CSS to the browser
    Include a file_id.diz which states the prefered browser

    Compomachine: Mention hardware, OS, webserver and version of PHP

      Decide what kind of files are allowed to be datafiles
      Decide if compoparticipants can choose browser or not
      Decide if writing to serverdisk is allowed or not
      Decide if cookies are allowed (same as above)
      Decide whether system() is allowed or not
      Decide whether pictures rendered by the PHP are allowed to be shown